Mini 2K PG DG Console with 2K Compass


The Deep Blue Mini 2K PG DG Console with 2K Compass is a compact console featuring a submersible pressure gauge, depth gauge and compass in one compact console.

Product Features:

  • Combo console with Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge and Compass.
  • Brass body Pressure Gauge with 40mm luminous face.
  • 400 Bar scale for 300 Bar applications.
  • Depth Gauge with 40mm luminous face and 70 meter scale.
  • Resettable max depth indicator.
  • 80cm High Pressure slimline hose. Diameter 10.8cm.
  • Hose spec: 350 Bar max working /1500 Bar burst pressure.
  • Compass with rotating bezel and dual magnets for fast response.
  • Top or side viewable scale