About Us

DeepBlue was founded in 2000 by Dive Supply, an already established pioneers in the diving and water sports market around South East Asia . DeepBlue's mission is to offer the highest quality Watersports products at affordable prices.

From a humble beginning with wetsuits and gear bags, popular demand in the years since has seen the range expand considerably to include Diving Boots, Beach Walkers, Diving Gloves, Rash Guards, Surface Markers, Gear Bags, Dry Bags, Dry Backpacks, Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Torches, Life Jackets and Instruments.

Deep Blue has not only grown its range of products but more importantly its reputation for affordable high quality products.

For more than a decade Deep Blue products have been exported throughout South East Asia and beyond.

Today Deep Blue is established as a major regional supplier with an extensive and expanding portfolio. Our robust innovative products are favored by operators as are our attractive yet practical designs appreciated by retail end users.